Ready for a challenge?

Available on the iOS App Store

SLUZZULS brings a unique sliding tile puzzle to the digital era through a beautifully designed app for your iPhone and iPad.

Simply slide the rows and columns around until you form 9 squares of 9 same colored tiles, restoring the original state of the unmixed puzzle.

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A Challenge for Everyone

Classic not hard enough for you? Unlock Harder and Hardest for a real challenge. Have that down? Then we have a surprise for you!

Game On

With 10 leaderboards and over 20 achievements, have fun challenging your friends and the world.

Your Game, Your Colors

With 9 professionally designed themes to choose from, you can pick the color palate you want to play with. Can’t see colors? SLUZZULS has you covered by being fully VoiceOver compatible, speaking colors as letters instead.

Challenge Accepted

Available on the iOS App Store