Mochi Dev was one of the first to create enhanced, interactive books for the iPhone and iPad back in 2010 when Apple announced its new iBooks app. Boasting phenomenal retina graphics and features such as read-a-loud content, our books will inspire adults to unleash their inner child, while enabling children to read on a more interactive level as their favorite illustrated characters come to life! Through our partner authors, we are able to bring you their whimsical illustrations and story telling into a new mode of learning that is at once engaging and magical.

Enhanced eBooks

Our books are simple to use and offer a rewarding reading experience for all ages. Taking cues from new interactive technology, our books meld animations, audio and video with the text to create a heightened reading experience from the traditional paperbound copy. Our esteemed narrators (sometimes even celebrity narrators) take the time and care to read the story as a beloved family member would to their own children. Artwork is displayed edge-to-edge to showcase the exquisitely drawn illustrations without a single peek of white empty space. Just double-tap in closer to see the finer details.

Playfully Interactive

Tap, twist and turn, the books are completely interactive. Need to hear a silly word again? A quick tap on any word or even an image will activate the read-aloud function instantly. A child can interact with our books by pressing or touching or dragging visual elements and objects that play audio, reveal an unexpected twist in the story or other surprises. Want a single-page display or double-page display? Turn your device to focus on one page at a time or to display a full page spread.


As you turn the pages, the narrator will read the story aloud automatically. Words are highlighted as the narration progresses which makes learning easy and fun for children of all ages. The highlighted text also allows the reader to follow along at their own pace.

Soundtrack • Search • Bookmarks

Turn soundtrack on or off to add background music to the book. Use the built-in search tool for words you may want to look up in the dictionary while the Bookmarks helps you get back to where you left off without missing a beat.

But That’s Not All…

Our books are updated on a regular basis to enhance the user's experience based on the latest epub technologies. Our books are designed exclusively for Apple iBooks platform because we feel that it is simply the very best experience available for eBooks.

A world beyond children’s books

Interested by our interactive format but with less whimsy? Not to worry, our eBooks can be catered to other non-children's publications as well. With such emphasis placed on full spread images, cookbooks and photo albums are some examples of ideal publications for transitioning into the digital realm.

If you are an author interested in digitizing your book, please submit any inquiries or your work directly to .

We Love Ratings!

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