After Death

Originally published on October 19th, 2012 by Dimitri Bouniol. #FNADNST

She didn't know what hit her.

Well, actually she did - she happened to be staring straight at the red vehicle, that had just crashed into a nearby telephone pole.

Oddly enough, she could also see herself, in a fairly mangled state under the rear tires.

"That was it," the girl thought.

Her life, which only started a short 22 years ago, had ended in a flash, in this dark, street lamp-lit portion of town.

But she didn't see her life rewind before her eyes, or a light at the end of a tunnel. It just happened.

There she was, staring at her dead corpse under this red sports car.

What was the driver even thinking?

Having given it some thought, the girl didn't even remember what she was doing.

Who she was, what she did, she felt like none of it even mattered anymore.

Was it because all her memories were encapsulated in the mind of the corps that lay in front of her?

She knew it was her body, not because she recognized the long, brown hair now stained in blood, or the brand new shoes she had spent days contemplating even purchasing.

No, she just knew, like how a compass just knew where north pointed to. It was a rather spooky attraction, come to think of it.

But what was she to do now. After all, she had become a bodiless spirit, a single spectator of this gruesome scene.

She decided to walk around, and she noticed something bizarre.

Nothing moved, everything lay perfectly still; the leaves in the air, the droplets of water flowing from a nearby gutter. Everything was motionless.

She was perfectly preserved in what could be though of as her living moment.

She was, however, able to venture around.

Not that she knew where she was, but such details, or worries of getting lost felt meaningless.

All she had to do was venture, aimlessly.

Just as she thought this, however, she felt a strong ache in her chest.

It was as if her heart pounded so hard that it was about to rip though everything that kept it within.

She couldn't take a single step forward.

That heart, which was supposed to be completely dead, was calling her back.

Surprisingly, she struggled.

She didn't want to go back.

Not to that body.

Although she had no memories, no emotions, no personality, she knew that she could not live on in that body.

It was completely ruined, completely crushed by the car.

But upon taking another look, she noticed the driver, practically unharmed, other than the steel pole going straight through their chest, caused by craning into a nearby sign that was next to the street lamp.

Although it looked bad, for some reason the girl knew that this body could at least be used.

So she climbed into the car, and came in contact with the dead driver.

At that moment, the leaves started falling to the ground, and the sound of water droplets could be heard falling from a gutter in the background.

There was still a street sign going through her body, but the girl still felt like the girl from moments earlier.

She was now in the body of a 30-year old woman, but she still felt like herself.

Why she thought like this, she didn't know, but she had no clue who this woman was, or why she had crashed into the her.

Then she saw something.

The scene from just before had materialized right in front of her.

As the woman was driving in these badly lit city streets, a raccoon had jumped right in the middle of the road.

As she tried to avoid, the turned a corner in a hurry, but was unfortunate enough to meet not only a young woman who seemed to be walking back from work, but also a street lamp.

To have died for such a stupid reason, the girl began to laugh.

However, she was not one to pass up such a situation either.

Although there was a steel pole going through her, she got a second chance at life, it would seem.

Not her life, as that was now road pizza.

Not the woman's life, since she couldn't remember anything before the moments before the accident.

But a new life.

So with all her strength, she pulled out the steel pole, which didn't hurt nearly as much than she thought it would.

Hardly any blood even came out of the rather large wound, either.

But the body moved, and she could feel her surroundings, so she didn't complain.

She got out of the car, and started walking.

Where would she go now?

What would she do?

Who should she be?

Those thoughts ran through her head.

Thinking back to the moment she was in the car, she felt her chest, but didn't real a single heart beat.

No pulse at all.

She was a walking corpse, no memories, no emotion.

Yet there she was.

As she walked, she happened to see someone else.

A young man caught glimpse of her, and ran over as soon as he saw the stain of blood coming from her chest.

He was yelling, frantically, asking if she was still ok, saying he would call an ambulance right away.

But of course she was ok. In fact, she couldn't be better.

Aside from the chest wound, and the lack of a pulse, she was able to move perfectly fine.

But she felt jealous, jealous of this young man who didn't have a wound, who had a pulse.

Was it really jealousy?

The girl didn't know, but she felt something.

She wanted a heart to replace the one ripped apart by the steel pole.

She wanted it no matter what.

And as the young man placed the phone call and started explaining the situation while holding her upright in his arms, she even felt a little… hungry.

And in that moment, the only "logical" thing she could think of was to take a nice, meaty bite into this man's shoulder, ending his life in an instant, thus setting the start of a full on zombie apocalypse.


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